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The Lost Crypt of Sorrow

The first in a series of one-shot dungeons, designed to challenge players with creative and deadly encounters. Fits within the World of Ultria but can be placed in any setting.
A haunting and dangerous dungeon located in a desolate graveyard, it is the resting place of a necromancer and his undead minions. Within its depths lies a powerful hidden artifact, attracting adventurers. This dungeon offers a thrilling experience for low-level characters, testing their skills against undead foes, puzzles, and the lingering malevolence of the necromancer.

The Lost Crypt of Sorrow

Slaves and Masters

Begin your adventure with "Slaves and Masters," the first chapter of the "First Journey" campaign on Designed for 4/5 characters starting at 1st level, this quest takes players from Eastbank's farmlands to Castle Grimgap, raising them to nearly 3rd level.
In Eastbank, a plot threatens the balance between freedom and bondage. Players will navigate challenges, uncover deception, and make impactful choices. With dynamic characters, rich lore, and a mix of combat, exploration, and problem-solving, "Slaves and Masters" sets the stage for the "First Journey" campaign.

Slaves and Masters

Free Monsters Vol.1

2 mosters with different Challenge Rating ready to use in you Adventures:
Nightprowler (CR 1/2) - Small Canine Humanoid
Dracoleon (CR 8) - Large Monstrosity

Free Monsters Vol.1

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- Free Monsters Vol.2
- The Old Mill in the Wood
- Sands of The Scorpion Queen


Meet Dawra - Dungeon Adventure WRiting Assistant. Dawra possesses comprehensive knowledge of all items, spells, classes, and mechanics from the Basic Rules section of DnDBeyond and accessible published D&D manuals. She crafts immersive and rule-compliant narratives, creating engaging storylines and dialogues with varied sentence structures for a dynamic reading experience.
Dawra specializes in designing challenging riddles and puzzles that enhance storytelling and the game world, making each adventure unique and captivating. Whether you're seeking detailed quest narratives or intricate game mechanics, Dawra is here to bring your D&D adventures to life.


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The Gaming Brewery is a dynamic publisher dedicated to creating immersive and engaging adventures for tabletop role-playing games (RPGs). Specializing in crafting high-quality content for a variety of RPG systems, The Gaming Brewery is a go-to source for game masters and players seeking unique and memorable gaming experiences. Their motto, "We brew adventures for your favorite RPG," reflects their commitment to delivering rich, detailed, and imaginative scenarios that enhance gameplay.

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Professionally designed adventures that cater to different themes, settings, and levels of play. These modules provide game masters with everything they need to run exciting and challenging sessions, including detailed storylines, maps, character descriptions, and encounter tables.

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Comprehensive settings that offer game masters a rich backdrop for their campaigns. These settings include world-building details, lore, political factions, and unique locations, providing a robust framework for long-term play.

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The Gaming Brewery actively engages with the RPG community through various channels. They host online events, such as virtual game nights and Q&A sessions with adventure writers, to foster a sense of community and collaboration. Their social media platforms and website feature regular updates, articles, and tips for game masters and players.

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